The conference is unfortunately canceled

There will be no Fronteers Conference this year.

With a very heavy heart, we have to inform you that we aren't able to hold our 14th conference.

Despite a big marketing push in the last few weeks, we didn't manage to sell enough tickets to make it possible for us to hold this year's conference. The financial risk would have been too big.

For everyone who did buy a ticket: thank you so much for your support! We are very sorry that we can't keep our side of the deal. You will be refunded as soon as possible.

What this means for the future of the Fronteers Conference we don't know. If something changes we will definitely let you know.

Your conference committee:

Andy Bell - Taking you through optimizing for mobile

The market share of mobile devices and small screens is huge and ever-growing while large screen’s share continues to decline. Even with this data, productions teams still work desktop-down, often only testing on high spec machines with fast internet connections.

In this session, we’re going to look at how important products let users with small screens and slow connections down and how a thorough pre-production phase — using an iterative approach — can result in a simpler production phase, a solid roadmap and most importantly, a resilient, quality user experience for everyone.

Andy Bell is a designer and front-end developer who founded Set Studio: an agency who specialise in producing extremely creative websites and campaigns.

Andy has also spent well over a decade specialising in simplifying CSS to make it scale-up for design system projects—in some cases, accessible to millions of people—for some of the largest organisations in the world, such as Google, Harley-Davidson, Vice Media and the NHS. He also wrote the majority of Learn CSS, a CSS course by